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WHMIS, TDG, Ground Disturbance…legislated & pre-task training.  You’ll also find training your industry peers are taking.

Frequently Purchased Training

Bastion’s unique approach to Industry, Occupational, and other Training.  We’ve done the research to find out what you need.

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Drop Training Costs by up to 70% using World Class Online Training.  Premium Value, from the moment you log in.

With over 500 Online Courses, and 300 curated  Industry and Occupational Training Bundles.  Choose to use our bundles, or customize your own!

Frequently Purchased Training

Why should you care about Frequently purchased training?  Cash smart organizations do a lot of training – and they know the rewards of both online training, and trained workers.  This being said…this training list is compiled from analysis of the most frequently taken courses in our database.  These are the courses your industry peers are taking.  There’s a good chance you can put them to use in your organization.

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Custom Training Packages: Online Training  – For the Industry You Work In!

What is Industry Based Training?

Industry based training is built from modules of hand picked courses by workers employed in Your particular industry.  The online training for each industry has been customized to serve the particular industry being discussed.  We include modules for work at heights, excavations and equipment, occupational exposure and many more.  With packages serving 11 industries, you are almost sure to find what you need.

Don’t see Your industry?  No worries.  Contact us, and we’ll build a curriculum just for your Business!

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Custom Training Packages: Online Training  – For the Occupation You Work In!

What is Occupation Based Training?

Occupation based training is training selected for various lines of work, according to the hazards that occupation might face.  As you might expect, the hazards an electrician might face are very real, but are also very different from those a carpenter, or equipment operator might face.  The training modules have been built by workers who work in the occupation selected, and give a great deal of insight into each occupation.

Online training makes it easy, and worth while.  Use our packages, or develop your own!

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