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What makes Bastion special?

  • Bastion’s roots come from decades of work, across several sectors.  When you see industries like construction, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing etc…it’s because we’ve worked in them.  When you get a product, or service from Bastion rest assured that we are not one dimensional.  We have time, and expertise regarding the associated subject.

What are Bastions core values?


We have 3 core values.

  • Value – If we can provide a service, that brings the customer a benefit or advantage…something that sweetens up margins, we will bust our butts to do it.  We won’t even turn the page on an idea, unless we believe it provides value to the customer.
  • Wisdom – Some things are too good to be true.  In the pursuit of value, sometimes you hit a dead end.  It may mean weeks or months of research, or preparation are scrapped…but it’s not wasted.  A poorly sourced product, material or contact can be a business landmine later.
  • Integrity – Yeah. We’ve all heard this one.  But it’s true.  Google defines it as “the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles.  Moral uprightness”.  Do the rules of “right and wrong” apply to business?  Yes they do, and we practice them.

Where are you based?

  • Bastion is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Edmonton prides itself in being Canada’s festival city.  We think it’s pretty great…when our feet aren’t frozen to the ground.  The joys of living where it’s so cold, the air hurts your face!

Why should you partner with Bastion, and not a competitor?

Quite often when you see an high value product, it’s not long until you see a market filled with sales guys, and sharp pencils.  People eager to sell you a product, but without a depth of knowledge in the field they are selling in.  If you press them for answers, eventually you will get the impression they (or you) are spinning their wheels.  This is where we get the home town advantage.

Bastion was conceived by qualified people.  Journeyman Tradespeople, that traversed the business into Management through years of night school, and then university trained in safety.

Have you ever hung 300 feet in the air from a man-basket?  We have.  We’ve also prepared cost benefit analysis, along with rates of return, and payback periods…just in order to build business cases for fortune 500 companies like WorleyParsons, Halliburton, and Safeway.

Rest assured, with Bastion, you aren’t getting the opinion of a “Safety Guy”, or a “Sales Guy”.  You’ll be working with industry professionals that have been responsible for project management, execution, and safety.  We know what it’s like to have deadlines, budgets, and repercussions.  In fact, we created our company, because we needed a solution that we couldn’t find in the market.

We incorporate customer needs, legislation, industry best practice, and plain old good sense into all our solutions.

It’s how we started our business, and it’s how we’ll help your’s grow!

We Can Cut Costs, While Improving Performance

Safety is Built Into Success.

At the end of the job, you may be remembered for being on time, or on budget.  But you’re reputation will never shake a disabling injury, or a fatality.  Over $2 million in fines were issued for unsafe workplaces in 2016, and that doesn’t even count lost income because of business license suspensions.  Learn how to protect yourself with the right training…You have to do it anyway.  Let us help you get it right…the first time.

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Over 500 courses to choose from, with custom courses, and curated content.  How can we help?

Safety and Maintenance


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Build new, or bolt on to your existing safety or maintenance programs.

Custom Solutions

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Build custom training matrices, including positions, automatic updates & assignments.

World Class Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Experience

We do the heavy lifting.  Training Specific Occupations and Industries

Need Training that is affordable for Oil and Gas?  We have that.  Industrial or commercial construction? We have that too.  Pipefitters or electricians….you get the picture!

Occupation Based Training

Use pre-assembled Occupation Based Training programs, with compulsory & elective courses, or create your own from our online course library!

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Industry Based Training

Use pre-assembled Industry Training programs, with compulsory & elective courses, or create your own from our online course library!

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Train leaders, necessary “tools” to know & understand legislation & industry skill tailored to suit your organizational needs.

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Safety is Built in to Success.  Contact Us.

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