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2801, 2021

Communication Breakdown

Communication Breakdown I have been fortunate to mentor under some “Out of This World” leaders. Their ability to guide a team from concept to completion was nothing short of legendary. Each had their own dynamic skillset that propelled them to the top of the heap, but no one skill was more prevalent [...]

1512, 2020

Organizational Safety From the Home Office

Organizational Safety From the Home Office How does safety apply when working from a home office? What a quandary. With government-mandated shutdowns, rules, laws, and recommendations changing on almost a daily basis...the question becomes difficult to focus on. But it’s a good one, isn’t it? Rules have been made pretty clear for our skilled trade and field [...]

312, 2020

Working Alone

Working Alone The guidelines to determine if a worker is “Alone” are pretty easy to interpret, however, the situations aren’t always so. There are 2 conditions, 5 categories and 3 assessment factors (see resource table at the end of this article) that help you determine if your worker is “Working Alone”. If its determined there is a working [...]

2711, 2020

Why Safety Systems Fail

Why Safety Systems Fail Do you know why safety systems fail? Complexity. It’s a predator. Its stalking every system in your workplace, particularly if you specialize in skilled trades, construction, or maintenance. If you work, you’re exposed to it. Complexity doesn’t respect borders, affecting large and small companies alike. Without fail, if you design, build, inspect, or [...]

1711, 2020

3 Lessons a Construction Pro can Learn from Blockbuster Video

3 Lessons a Construction Pro can Learn from Blockbuster Video. Remember movie night? I do. I grew up in a little boomtown, north of everywhere, and often we’d spend Friday nights cruising the aisles of the local video store searching for movies, or video games and then hoof it home. But, no matter how fondly I remember movie [...]

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