Online Training Packages- Why They Make Sense….

Training carries a unique set of challenges.  Standard “Face to Face” training carries many inconveniences, including missed work days, lost productivity, travel time, as well as coordinating  timelines  & schedules.  Lets not forget keeping track of expiry dates…2 years, 3 years, as Workers come and go…its all so tough to coordinate.

Bastion’s approach to online training is unique due to the way it sets you up for success from day 1.  Whether you are a corporate customer, or an independent learner, our online training packages leverage the power of technology through the application of a unique “Learning Management System” (LMS), you can flex the system to meet even the most demanding needs.  Completely web accessible, customizeable, fully manageable, assign training with a couple of clicks, or drag & drop entire teams, regardless of your organizations size.  Give us a call today!

·       Certificate & Qualification Management·       Virtual Proctoring
·       Orientation & Onboarding Paperwork·       Exam Engine
·       Training Expiry & Auto-notifications·       Excel Reporting
·       Custom Course Building·       Fully integrates to existing systems

We’re leveraging technology to teach and equip today’s employers with essential workplace knowledge.  Great training.  Better Pricing.

Why Choose Bastion?

  • Corporate Solutions Available.
  • Innovative Solutions to issues unique to your industry.
  • Industry experienced design
  • Completely customizable solutions that can meet any needs.
  • MASSIVE online course directory
  • We offer free support.

What Our Clients Say

We’ve dealt with Bastion for a couple years now.  Everything runs perfectly – responsive, and intuitive service.  Check out their “Learning Management System”.  It’s worth its weight in gold for companies with lots of people to train.

John H., Undisclosed Company

I really didn’t know what I was looking for when it came to training.  I just knew I wanted to be more competitive.  Times are tough and finding a good job is tougher.  The Bastion team took the time to review what my goals were, and then lined me up with the right online training to push me in the right direction.  Check out the “Ground Disturbance 201”.  Way better than the face to face class.

Jamie A., Undisclosed Company

I worked with Bastion before all this website stuff.  Super professional work.  Documentation they developed was second to none.  As a training developer, I don’t think I would hire anyone else.  Thanks Guys.

Kamal G., Undisclosed Company