Frequently Purchased Training

Have a look at the training Your industry peers are taking to overcome the challenges faced on their work sites.  This is the list of the most sought after training in the field today.  Fast, efficient and effective online training to meet your needs!

Popular Online Training: Pre-Worksite Access

Popular Online Training: Equipment & Ground Disturbance

Popular Online Training: High Risk Work

Popular Online Training: Logistics

Popular Online Training: Human Resources

Popular Online Training: Tools, Safety & Occupational Hygiene

Why train workers for stuff they don’t need? Check out Bastion’s Online Occupation based training, made to order, and meet specific occupational needs!

Legislation requires training.  Not only that, but it requires lots of training.  If it was just the cost of the training, that would be more palatable…but you have to pay for lost productivity, wages while training, travel time, per diem…the list goes on and on.  A $200″day long” course can literally cost over $1200 when it finally hits your bottom line.

Bastion is here to help.  We’ve done the heavy lifting.  We’ve assembled online training packages that are effective, efficient, and easy on the bottom line.  Not only that, but we’ve got it ready to go NOW.  Have a look in our library.  Don’t see what you need?  Drop us a line, and we’ll line you up with a free training consultation.  We’ll visit your business, or place of work and have our Safety Professionals liaise with your Management & Workers, then we’ll tailor a program just for you.

We stand out for a few reasons…but one of the biggest benefits to partnering with Bastion, is our ground breaking “Enterprise Learning Management System”.  It provides immediate feedback on learner progress, training expiry, streamlined on-boarding and much, much more!  We’ve been doing this training thing for years – and we know your headaches all too well.  Try us on for size, you won’t be disappointed.