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Bastion Releases Modular Employee Training Systems

Edmonton, AB, (May 18, 2017) – The workplace training industry saw a unique offering subtly shuffle onto the stage late in the first quarter of 2017.  Bastion, an up and coming innovation company, with deep roots in the safety industry released its modular employee training system, online.  This is a major play for the organization, as their initial offering comes to the table with employee training modules built to serve 12 distinct industries, and an additional 12 occupations, “right out of the box”.

Already serving clients that have been embedded in “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” list for years, the innovating company expects steady growth through offering training services that meet or exceed employer, and legislative requirements, and is readily available via the internet.

 “Training is a requirement we can’t escape from, it doesn’t matter if you are in retail, oil and gas or somewhere in between.  We provide all the tools to train Employees, at half the cost of conventional training systems.” Said Bastion Safety Solutions CEO Barry Lawrence.  “We’re offering a service that can help restore an employer’s bottom line in lean times, and that’s exciting stuff.”

Clients can expect to see 24 separate and customizable modular employee training programs for various occupations and industries (like Pipefitter or Oil & Gas), and courses spanning many other genres, such as equipment operation, industrial hygiene, new worker and leadership training.

Industry safety professionals will be pleased to see content developed directly by industry “Certifying Partners” available in the library, along with over 50 courses that meet the criteria set out by the “International Competency Assessment Board” (I-CAB).

A robust learning and safety management (LMS & SMS) system is at the heart of their operation, which offers an organization the opportunity to “self-serve”, through a private custom branded portal.  complimented by a best in class automated training matrix, training record management system and digital forms suite.

“From the outset, our perspective has been one of partnership,” said Lawrence “because our system is ‘a la carte’ and fully scalable, there is no minimum or maximum head count.  You’ll only pay for what you use, and we’ll grow with you while simplifying your operations.  Bastion enables you to address and overcome obstacles in Your work environments, and make every result repeatable”.

All services include full tech support on demand, via toll-free number, as well as first-rate support from a team of both safety, and technical professionals.  All these features plus access to the nation’s largest online training library, neatly packages the service into a “must have” for organizations that are serious about cutting costs, and actually improving their safety systems.

“As an industry leader, we had very specific and unique ideas around what we wanted from Bastion. Bastion took the time to understand what we were looking for and then worked with us to build, test, and implement our custom learning management system. I recommend Bastion Safety to any organization looking to take their programs to the next level.”

Dan Hathaway, PEC, Corporate HSE Manager, Techmation Electric


About Bastion

Bastion roots come from Journeyman Tradespeople, that traversed the business world into Management through years of night school, and then university trained in safety.  Have you ever hung 300 feet in the air from a man-basket?  We have.  We’ve also prepared cost benefit analysis, along with rates of return, and payback periods building business cases for fortune 500 companies.

Rest assured, with Bastion, you aren’t getting the opinion of a “Safety Guy”, or a “Sales Guy”.  You’ll be working with industry professionals that have been responsible for project management, execution, and safety.  We know what it’s like to have deadlines, budgets, and repercussions.  In fact, we created our company, because we needed a solution that we couldn’t find in the market.

We incorporate customer needs, legislation, industry best practice, and plain old good sense into all our solutions.

It’s how we started our business, and it’s how we’ll help yours grow!

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May 18, 2017


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